"This quartet out of Fort Collins, Colorado delivers upbeat, alt/folk tunes with just the right amount of rock sensibility." Where Words Fail Music Speaks, Blog
"A strong influence for a authentic and cutting edge blend of folk rock that makes it all a worthwhile listen through and through." Music Box Pete
"Living Asleep is a sensitive and honest collection of songs that will keep you pressing replay after each listen." Baeble Music
"A spirited call-to-arms, the soundtrack for an examined young life ripe with initiative— it’s like the kind of friend who picks you up and reminds you that you can make it if you try." The Voice Magazine
"Fierce Bad Rabbit has the charisma, style, and beat reminiscent of the boys that first landed on the Ed Sullivan Show in their little black suits in 1964, singing "I Want to Hold Your Hand," and forever altering our musical landscape." @mtgoldeneagle
"Although the band has gained international recognition, they use their roots as a source of inspiration and motivation to do the next big thing." Lianna Salva
"The songs shift from moody and atmospheric, sad and somber to upbeat and catchy. The music is polished, with sharp production values, but not to the point of leaching warmth and emotion out of the songs." For Us Not Them, Album Review for Living Asleep
"Whilst Fierce Bad Rabbit create tunes with complexities of layers, the audience is left with the sense that they are swimming serenely, which enables the mind to relax into the downy pillows of sound." Emerging Indie Bands
"If the members of Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire joined ranks to record an AM Gold tribute to Wilco, it might sound something like this. Nah, this sounds better." David Herrera, Westword
"A potent blend of punchy pop hooks and brooding rock atmosphere. Goes well with open windows, cold beer, and spring breezes that meet your skin like the first warm breaths of summer." Pop Dose
"There's a sweetness to the lyrics and melody that might melt a few hearts, and the backing vocals provide a hook that will be rattling around your head for some time after listening." The Sound of Confusion
"With their indie rock agenda, they start off with a quiet and wordless viola opening that moves into dacy folk tunes, a tinkly male and female piano duet, trumpet blares, and guitar picks." Michael Elizabeth Sakas, The Collegian (CSU)
"Each track has its own powerful style and sound behind it but as a whole the album tells a story from start to finish."--The Celebrity Cafe