“The Maestro and the Elephant’s” 15 tracks are steadily building layers of melodies, lyrics, images, and ideas, different from previous releases. There is a maturity that has developed in FBR's sound..."Anna Baker, 12/01/12
"Fierce Bad Rabbit has the charisma, style, and beat reminiscent of the boys that first landed on the Ed Sullivan Show in their little black suits in 1964, singing "I Want to Hold Your Hand," and forever altering our musical landscape." @mtgoldeneagle
"Although the band has gained international recognition, they use their roots as a source of inspiration and motivation to do the next big thing." Lianna Salva, 11/08/12
"One of the most popular and exciting new rock bands to emerge out of Fort Collins in the past few years." Colorado Music & Radio, Best of 2010 (October 2010)
"Spools of Thread? More like strands of the choicest indie rock, woven together to make one vibrant, colorful fabric." David Herrera, Westword (October 2010)
"If the members of Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire joined ranks to record an AM Gold tribute to Wilco, it might sound something like this. Nah, this sounds better." David Herrera, Westword (October 2010)
"Spools of Thread is about as lush as music can get, complete with swelling strings, catchy guitar riffs, and song lyrics that give you something new to think about every time you hear them." Stacy Nick, Fort Collins Coloradoan (October 2010)
"I haven't been this excited about a Fort Collins indie band's prospects since the much beloved Matson Jones." Stacy Nick, Fort Collins Coloradoan (October 2010)
"With their indie rock agenda, they start off with a quiet and wordless viola opening that moves into dacy folk tunes, a tinkly male and female piano duet, trumpet blares, and guitar picks." Michael Elizabeth Sakas, The Collegian (CSU) (October 2010)
'The band was born from several prominent Northern CO acts, with its members striving for a simple sound, a la Arcade Fire or Modest Mouse." Joshua Boydston, Oklahoma Gazette (January 2011)
'(The album is)... just RICH, making “The Maestro and the Elephant” one of the best narrowly known albums of the year.' Lonita Cook, Kansas City Examiner 2013


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Fierce Bad Rabbit have been honored with many industry-related awards, including:

Fort Collins Music Association (FoCoMA) Peer Awards: Best Indie/Pop Band (2010, 2011, 2012); Best Video 2011 ("YOU!" by Tomas Herrera); Hardest Working Band (2012)

Best of CSU (Best Local Band) (2012)

People's Choice Award, Colorado Film Festival 2011: "All I Have Is You"